About Brigitte Taal Furniture Restoration


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Brigitte Taal Furniture Restoration has been restoring and preserving antique wooden furniture and objects since 1997. The company has experience with many different styles from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, including Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and designs from the 1950s.

All of our work is carried out in the workshop. This includes construction, inlaying, veneering, finishing, gilding, carving, fretwork, locks, hinges and upholstery. Our aim is to keep the furniture in its original state both aesthetically and in terms of construction, without removing or replacing anything unnecessarily. To do this, we use traditional and modern woodworking and preservation techniques and various restoration materials such as old wood, sawn veneer and reversible adhesives.
In this way the furniture remains faithful to the spirit of its time.


Brigitte Taal is an independent restorer who trained in wood and furniture restoration at the HMC Vocational College for Woodworking, Furniture and Interior Design in Rotterdam. She is specialised in restoring and constructing traditional furniture.

Brigitte acquired practical experience working with furniture-maker Henk van Pelt in The Hague and in the restoration workshop of Anne Marie van Benthem-Doppegieter in Bodegraven.
She has also collaborated on projects with other restorers and professionals from other disciplines.

In her workshop, Brigitte has restored and preserved various sorts of furniture and curio cabinets for private clients, embassies and municipal institutions.

Restauratoren Nederland
Brigitte Taal Furniture Restoration is a member of Restauratoren Nederland (www.restauratoren.nl) – the Dutch association for preservation and restoration. The association’s general conditions and code of ethics apply to all of our assignments.


If you would like us to restore your furniture, we will be happy to visit you to view the furniture and discuss the possibilities for restoration. Following a verbal agreement, you will then receive a written confirmation of the work to be done, and the cost. We will then arrange a time for the restoration. After the restoration, you will receive a brief report on your furniture.

Condition report and restoration & preservation proposal
In order to establish the condition of an object, you may wish to ask us to draw up a condition report. This report contains information including the dimensions, material, signs of earlier restoration and the physical condition. This will be followed with specific advice. On request, we can also draw up a comprehensive restoration & preservation proposal.

Transport damage
If your furniture has been damaged - when moving, for example - you may wish to ask us to provide a report on the transport damage for your insurance company or the transport company.


Brigitte Taal Furniture Restoration enjoys good relations with professionals in other fields. This allows us to perform complete restorations, covering such aspects as upholstery, painting, gilding objects or frames, or restoring gilt locks and hinges. And also metalwork, restoring locks and hinges or casting brass mountings to the original design.